Food for Thought: Seared White Fish with Quinoa & Asparagus

Feb 3, 2020 | Food For Thought | 0 comments

Staying the course with nutrition is often the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle change. And with nearly 80% of weight loss success being tied into proper nutrition, it’s quite possibly the most important part of the equation. One thing that makes it incredibly difficult is a lack of knowledge when it comes to recipes and the thought that it just isn’t going to taste very good. That’s why we like to provide healthy, balanced recipes once a month to help you get new food into your rotation. Healthy can be delicious and these recipes will prove it!

Here is this Month’s Food for Thought Recipe

It’s always tough to keep an open mind if you’re a picky eater. But, here is a white fish recipe that could be a great introduction to seafood. Without a strong “fishy” taste, I like to call this the gateway fish to opening your mind to new options to put into your weekly rotations. Enjoy!


Seared White Fish with Quinoa & Asparagas


6 oz white fish (Halibut, Cod or Haddock)

2 cups asparagus

½ cup quinoa

1.5 tsp olive oil

Salt and pepper

¼ lemon wedge


  1. Preheat broiler on high and position oven rack to a few inches from the broiler
  2. Coat the filets and asparagus with an olive oil spray and season then place on two separate baking trays.
  3. Cook fish and asparagus for about 5-7 mins.
  4. Turn fish over once and mix asparagus.
  5. Remove trays and drizzle the asparagus with lemon juice and serve with quinoa.
  6. Enjoy!

Healthy can be delicious if you find the right recipe! Start a rotating list of your favorites so you’re never left without a plan! If you are looking for new ways to improve your nutrition, please contact us. We’re here to help!


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