Fighting the Weight Loss Plateau

May 18, 2020 | Heavy Thoughts | 0 comments

One of the biggest challenges associated with weight loss is the rebound weight gain that comes when the diet starts to plateau. Part of the problem is related to the hunger hormone, ghrelin. When someone loses weight only through dietary restriction and reduced calories, the body often fails to suppress ghrelin, causing uncontrollable cravings and encouraging weight re-gain. In a study comparing different breakfast compositions, scientists spent several months examining two groups of dieters. For 16 weeks, one group ate a low-carb breakfast while the other group ate a breakfast high in both protein and carbs. In the 16 weeks following the diet, the low-carb group regained nearly 12 Kg (about 25 lbs) on average; meanwhile the high-carb, high-protein group continued to lose nearly 7 Kg (about 15 lbs) on average. In addition, the high-carb high-protein dieters reported significantly less hunger and cravings. The takeaway from a study like this is that low-carb restrictive diets are not always best for long-term weight-loss success. The key to winning in the long run is a healthy balanced diet rich protein and carbohydrates. Cutting carbs for a nearsighted goal may hurt you down the road. For a deeper explanation look for the link below.


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