Member Spotlight – Brittney Gauvin

Oct 17, 2019 | Member Spotlight | 1 comment

1. What made you want to join RockBox Fitness Mooresville?

I wanted to get back into kick boxing after moving to NC from MA last year and had not found a kickboxing gym that I wanted to join, then I saw an ad on Facebook for RockBox opening in Mooresville and I was hooked 🙂

2. What are your fitness goals?

To get back into shape so I can do a spartan Trifecta again 🙂 And obviously get better at my roundhouse kicks!

3. What are some of your successes since becoming a RockBox member

Learning the correct techniques of throwing punches and kicks!

4. When did you join RockBox?

Proud to say I am a founding member!!

5. What was your previous fitness program/ activity?

I did a bootcamp class when I lived back in MA last year! Then I lost track of working out when I moved until I found Rock Box!

6. About you: Where are you from, what do you do, what are your interests?

I am from Massachusetts! (GO PATS!) I work for a company called Headbands Of Hope — for every headband sold we donate a headband to a child with cancer. I am always the one in class with a different headband on! My interests are being a dog mommy to two rescue pups and doing outdoorsy activities with them and my husband! My husband and I got married last year and moved to NC for a new adventure!

7. What’s your favorite boxing combination?

Jab cross slip roll hook hook 🙂 

8. What’s your least favorite functional exercise?

Any and all abs 

9. What’s your favorite healthy meal or snack?

Grapes and cheese — does cheese count as healthy? 🙂

10. What’s your favorite part about being a RockBox Member?

The community and always feeling like part of a team! I also love the couches who constantly keep me motivated!

1 Comment

  1. Sandy Austin

    Enjoyed leaning more about you Brittany! Thanks for sharing!


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