Member Spotlight – Micah McMahan

Nov 21, 2019 | Member Spotlight | 0 comments

  • What made you want to join RockBox Fitness Mooresville?
    I’d been doing heavy lifting for highland games for years but decided to ‘retire’ and cut weight for long term health. I started intermittent fasting, with good success, but plateaued and saw a Facebook ad that caught my attention. 
  • What are your fitness goals? 
    To continue to slim up for long term health, and have fun doing aerobic work (which I usually hate). I need my hips, knees, shoulders, and back for the rest of my life!!
  • What are some of your successes since becoming a RockBox member?
    I’d cut 22 lbs doing carb-restricted IF before joining, and knew my 6 week challenge was going to be tough. Arrick was my coach and helped me keep pushing and tweaking diet as necessary to hit the goal. In six weeks I cut another 22 (? don’t have my sheet) lbs and my 6.0% body fat. Been enjoying all the carbs while maintaining before my next cut.
  • When did you join RockBox?
    I joined in May. 
  • What was your previous fitness program/ activity?
    I did all kinds of sports growing up. As an adult though, usually heavy weight lifting, heavy stints into running, back into crossfit, and back to heavy lifting for Scottish Highland games…2 AM on ESPN the Ocho, guys in kilts flipping trees. 
  • About you:  Where are you from, what do you do, what are your interests?
    I consider Virginia Beach ‘home’. I’m a professional nerd, engineer. I have too many hobbies, but cars is my biggest interest. Race industry brought me here.
  • What’s your favorite boxing combination?
    Oh boy, there are some good ones, and really enjoy the pads, but it’s on the heavy bag. 
    As a righty it is:  left push kick, jab (1), cross (2), left hook(3), right hook(4), right round-house. Fast and powerful. 
  • What’s your least favorite functional exercise?
    Clearly you mean ‘most favorite’ and I can’t choose one. I really appreciate how the coaches will help me adapt things for my weight lifting range, or give variants for some extra challenge.

    …but core day

  • What’s your favorite healthy meal or snack?
    My wife created an entire low-carb menu, but as a beer drinker, I’d start making ‘hop tea’ with seltzer water to satiate that beer place when grilling or eating a particular meal. Keeping the cheat in check. 
  • What’s your favorite part about being a RockBox Member
    I look forward to it. My wife jokingly calls it my “P.E. stories” like I’m a kid with a story about kickball during the school day. 


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