Member Spotlight: Missy Carlson

Sep 8, 2020 | Member Spotlight | 0 comments

1-      What made you want to join RockBox Fitness Mooresville?—It was right after Christmas and I kept seeing the video pop up in my FB feed. I was frustrated with myself and my fitness level…or I should day my lack of fitness. I thought this would be a perfect fit for me, I can hit something which will be great stress relief and get in shape all at the same time. I also decided it was time to put myself first and make my health a priority. As a mom, wife, and business owner, putting myself first hasn’t always been the easiest to do.

2-      What are your fitness goals? Decrease and maintain my body fat at 20%

3-      What are some of your successes since becoming a RockBox member? While my body fat and weight has been coming down, I think my biggest success has been the focus that I’ve developed and making conscious decisions about what I eat and drink. I’ve developed good habits and a routine around working out and food prep. I’ve had a few setbacks but I’ve looked at those as learning opportunities and I’m able to get back on track much more quickly.

4-      When did you join RockBox? January 2019, I’m one of the originals 🙂

5-      What was your previous fitness program/ activity? I did a lot of walking/running. 

6-      About you:  Where are you from, what do you do, what are your interests? Originally, I am from Indiana. We’ve been here for 20+ years. My husband, Jim, and I wanted to get out of the cold yuck of northern IN. A fun fact is that I married my prom date. Jim and I were high school sweethearts and just celebrated 34 years. We have 2 daughters that are seniors this year. Mia is at Mooresville High School and Hannah is at UNC-Asheville. I love my job because as a Financial Advisor, I get to help my clients make smart decisions with their money that allows them to have a work optional lifestyle. The firm I work with is Edward Jones and I opened the first office in Huntersville 20 years ago. In my free time—I like to hike, play tennis and read a good spy novel.

7-      What’s your favorite boxing combination? Love a good right roundhouse…hoping to love left roundhouses one day soon.

8-      What’s your least favorite functional exercise? Without a doubt, Burpees!

9-      What’s your favorite healthy meal or snack? I love Kale Chips. I like the crunch and just a little taste of salt hits the spot.

10-   What’s your favorite part about being a RockBox Member? The supportive environment! When we were in COVID shut down, I was doing the RB videos but I found I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I do when I come to a class. The support of the other members and trainers is awesome! 


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